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Established as a research unit in 1999 by British accountant Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report Inc. has grown into a leading luxury publishing group based in Shanghai, China. Hurun Report Inc has four divisions: Media; Conferences & PR; Market Research; and Investments. Within the Media Division, our titles are Hurun Report, Hurun Schools Guide, Hurun Horse & Sports, Wings & Water.


Wall Street Journal US Edition Jan 2008


Established in 1999 by Rupert Hoogewerf, the ‘godfather’ of the China Rich List, today Hurun Report is widely recognized as the foremost authority in tracking the rapid changes amongst China’s high net worth individuals. Hurun Report produces 20 magazine issues a year, made up of a monthly main book and supplements that target the special interests of China’s wealth creators. Hurun has a proven readership of 660,000, based on an industry average of 6 readers per magazine and a controlled circulation of 110,000, which includes 3,000 of the richest individuals from the China Rich List. Hurun Report’s flagship product is the China Rich List, considered the bible of wealth and de-facto Who’s Who of Chinese business. Other key products include the ground-breaking China Philanthropy List, a benchmark report on the state of charitable donations in China, and the Best of the Best Awards, the annual brand and lifestyle preferences of China’s high net worth individuals. The awards are drawn on the results of 1000 one-on-one surveys of this elite segment of society, the largest and most authoritative survey of its kind.


Hurun Report’s personal relationships with China’s high net worth individuals provide the basis for its innovative conferences and lifestyle dinners. The Best Things in Life, for example, is a series of lifestyle events, designed as an education platform for luxury brands to meet with China’s high net worth individuals.


Some of the best-known musicians in China have performed for Hurun Report events, including the pianists Lang Lang and Kong Xiangdong, as well as the violinists Lu Siqing and Huang Mengla (on two of the rarest violins in the world: Stradivari and Guarneri). In July 2003, Hurun Report hosted the China Entrepreneurs Summit, together with Euromoney, for 250 of China's leading entrepreneurs and featuring an address from Tony Blair. For further information on Hurun Events, please see ‘Events’.


Hurun Report Books. Hurun Report has written seven books on the rise of China’s private sector (in Chinese language).


Raw Capitalism:The Story of the People Making Modern China (published by China Citic Press, September 2008) On the anniversary of the thirtieth anniversary of the Open Door Policy, Hoogewerf analyses the sea of change in China’s economy as told through the eyes of China’s top entrepreneurs.


China's Rich List – The Inside Story (published by Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, August 2006) sets out for the first time the background leading up to the creation of the first list in 1999 together with the resulting impact on the international and domestic markets. In this provocative and engaging book, Hoogewerf tells the story of the rise of modern Chinese capitalism, of the entrepreneurs whose dreams succeeded and are building world-beating companies, and of those entrepreneurs whose dreams crashed down to earth.


In 2002 and 2003, Hurun Report wrote a series of four books on entrepreneurship in China together with a yearbook on the Who's Who of China’s richest individuals. Qualities for Wealth sets out ten characteristics that make up a successful entrepreneur. Key Moments in Wealth Creation highlights the critical turning points for China's entrepreneurs, who describe when these moments arose and the factors that influenced their decision-making. Fortune Genes explores the values our entrepreneurs profess and the way they educate their children, with a view to providing a benchmark against which people can measure their own success. Emotional Make-up of China's Entrepreneurs is a book that takes a unique look at the evolvement of the relationships between China's entrepreneur over the past twenty years and their family, business partners, friends and country. The 2002 Who's Who of China is a yearbook of the richest people in China.


About Rupert Hoogewerf


Rupert Hoogewerf is the founder and compiler of the China Rich List. Curious to know who was behind China's fast-growing private sector, Rupert founded the China Rich List in 1999 with two students from Shanghai's Donghua University, publishing the first four years results in Forbes magazine. Since then, the China Rich List has become an eagerly awaited annual event for China's private sector.


A qualified chartered accountant, Rupert spent seven years at Arthur Andersen. He graduated from Durham University, UK in 1993 with a degree in Chinese and Japanese.


Over the years, Hurun Report and Rupert have won numerous awards for their ground-breaking lists. Rupert won Neweekly magazine's prestigious 2002 Person of the Year award for his contribution to the understanding of wealth in China. In 2004, Rupert was named one of the 100 Top Influencers in China's Globalization by Global Entrepreneur magazine. In 2005, China Entrepreneur magazine named the Hurun Report China Rich List as one of the ten most important business events of the past twenty years. In 2008 Dragon TV nominated Rupert as one of the thirty most influential people since the Open Door Policy in 1978.


Government endorses Hurun Report 8 September 2009, the Shanghai government presented Rupert Hoogewerf with the Magnolia Award, for his contribution to the development of the Shanghai economy. Named after Shanghai’s official flower, the Magnolia Award is the highest honour bestowed by the City on foreigners who have “contributed significantly to Shanghai’s economic performance, international relations, business environment, management standards and community development.” This year, 45 people received the award, including the Dean of the Europe International Business School Rolf Cremer, the president of General Electric (China) R&D Center Guo Limo, and two British nationals. Previous winners have included senior staff members from Siemens, L’Oreal and Bayer.


2002 Person of the Year


In recognition of his contribution to the understanding of wealth creation in China, Hoogewerf was awarded the prestigious “2002 Person of the Year” by Neweekly magazine. Other winners include in 2001 Bora Milutinovic, the coach who steered the Chinese soccer team to its first World Cup Finals; in 2003 Zhong Nanshan, the SARS whistleblower; in 2004 Liu Xiang, China’s first Olympic gold medalist on the track; in 2005 Li Yuchun, winner of China’s inaugural Super Girl, the Chinese equivalent of Pop Idol; in 2006 Yi Zhongtian, for his reinterpretations of classical literature; in 2007 Xu Sanduo, a fictional character from the popular TV series ‘Soldiers Sortie’, who embodied the character of the Chinese people; in 2008 Jian Guangzhou, the journalist who exposed the Sanlu milk scandal; and in 2009 Lu Chuan, the director of Nanjing! Nanjing!

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