China Business Aviation Special Report 2016

Source:Hurun Institute

Hurun Research Institute and Minsheng Financial Leasing today jointly issued ‘China Business Aviation Special Report 2016‘.

China needs 1450 more business jets.  Market need of 1750 but only 300 bought to date.


Minsheng Financial Leasing and Hurun Report release China Business Aviation Special Report 2016


  • Number of Chinese super wealth creators: Mainland China has 970 dollar billionaires and 5600 individuals with net worth over US$300m (CNY 2bn). The Hurun Rich List ranks 470 dollar billionaires, but Rupert Hoogewerf, chairman and chief researcher of Hurun Report, says:” You can bet your bottom dollar that for every billionaire we have found, we are missing at least one.”

  • Business jets needed: 1750, growing to 2300 in five yearsAssuming 50% of dollar billionaires will sooner or later buy 1.5 business jets on average at an average price of US$45 million, and that 20% of individuals with US$300m to US$1bn will buy 1.1 business jets on average at US$20m, then China’s super wealth creators today ‘need’ 1750 business jets.  This compares with only 300 bought to date.  This is further broken down into Chinese billionaires currently needing 740 big jets, and individuals between US$300m to US$1bn needing 1010 smaller jets.

  • Charter market size: 205,000 hours, growing to 270,000 hours per annum in five years. Assuming that 40% of dollar billionaires need 150 hours of charter a year, that 30% of individuals with US$300m to US$1bn need 50 charter hours, and that 10% of individuals with US$30m to US$300m need 10 charter hours, then the current market need is 205,000 hours.

  • Main reasons for not buying business jets. Issues with flight plan approval and landing rights were main reasons for not buying a jet.  Other reasons included lack of cash, despite high valuations of stocks, and fear of standing out too much in the current political climate.

  • Time efficiency and feeling of independence main reasons for buying jets.

  • Beijing overwhelmingly business jet capital with 35% of Chinese-owned jets based there.  East China, anchored by Shanghai, has 25%, followed by Pearl River Delta, anchored by Shenzhen and Guangzhou, has 20%. The rest of the country has 20%.

  • Most frequent flight routes. Domestically, between Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and tropical holiday destination Sanya.  Short-haul to HK, Japan, Seoul, Singapore.  Long-haul to NYC, LA, San Francisco, Paris, London and Sydney.

  • Most frequent usage.  Summer holidays and Chinese New Year most popular times to use business jets.

  • 24 of the Top 100 of the Hurun China Rich List are known to own 32 business jets between them.


(April 13, 2016, ABACE Shanghai) Hurun Research Institute and Minsheng Financial Leasing today jointly issued ‘China Business Aviation Special Report 2016’, a 29-page report highlighting the current market need for business jet purchases and charter in China and with an exclusive survey of current and potential jet owners. This is the first year of the report.


Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Researcher Rupert Hoogewerf said, “Business aviation in China has enormous potential, with a current market need for 1750 jets compared with only 300 purchased to date. I am delighted to put out this report with Minsheng Financial Leasing, the absolute market leader, when it comes to business aviation in China.”


This is a synopsis of the Chinese language press release. For the full release, see the Chinese press release.  The full report is in Chinese only.



Business jets of the Top 100 Hurun Rich List

CategoryNo.   of ownersJet
Ultra long-haul24G550, G650, 7X, Global 5000, Global 6000
Ultra-large1ACJ, BBJ
Ultra-medium2G200, Hawker 4000
Medium1Citation Latitude 680A

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