Premium Medical Solutions from Data Analytics, Supply Chain and Tailored Solution


Some Background of ZirconMed

ZirconMed is a Medical Technology company that has presences in the heart of Europe in Switzerland and the heart of Asia in Singapore. We Focus on providing premium medical solutions to our clients from Data Analytics, Supply Chain and Tailored Solution with a full range of services from product advice to complex machinery installation and training.


What is the background of ZirconMed 

ZirconMed is founded by 2 partners, Joey Zhong and Nicolas Tourne.

Joey has extensive background in Private Banking, she has worked in the Wealth Management field and Investment Sector for over 8 years all over Asia and has as well previously worked as a private banker in Switzerland. She is also working in Zircon Investment which is the sister company of ZirconMed that focus on Alternative Investments.

Nicolas is very knowledgeable in Supply Chain, International Procurement Transactions and Account Management for large companies. Prior to create the company of ZirconMed, Nicolas has helped many Multi-International Companies to develop their projects, extend their businesses and improve their management through lean implementation solutions.

We have also 2 in house experts who have 25 years working as a director in Doctor Without Border and Redcross and few other professionals who has extensive background in Medical Supply Chain.

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What makes you guys create ZirconMed ?

During the beginning of the pandemic in Europe, we saw the mass in Europe and the lack of necessary medical supplies in regard of the covid-19 as well as a lack of general knowledge from the public on it. We decided to take the opportunities to create ZirconMed in a professional manner to bring the market premium medical solution offering.

Our thoughts at the beginning was to help the community here in Europe, as the cultural gap between Europe and Asia regarding the awareness of the virus is very different.


What differentiate ZirconMed with the rest of Medical Solution provider?

ZirconMed focus on providing premium medical solutions to our clients, we unlock the value for the client by providing them an All-In-Trouble-Free Solution in terms of Distribution, Clinical Inventory Management as well as we take care of their end to end manufacturer logistic. In additions we help our clients by converting supply chain and inventory data into actionable intelligence that in turn enables smarter business and purchasing decisions. Healthcare organizations can have the access to actionable intelligences to help achieves savings in total supply chain and overall medical solutions. 

How do you view Healthcare Growth?

We see healthcare as an essential, opportunity rich, dynamic industry. I think this Covid-19 situation has shaken the world a little bit more of the importance of health care sector. I feel that during the pandemic the Healthcare sector has gain a lot of attention unlike before, it is a great time to merge with the technology and development available in the current and the future market.  A lot of market giants and institutional investors have pull into billions of dollars in Artificial intelligence and other technology to create a better ecosystems in the industry. Medical Technology will dramatically improve peoples daily life to make it easier, more efficient and more accessible to most of the people. Of course the healthcare space is also involving insurance, pharmacy and other Private Equity companies particularly in the sector.  Other than heavy growth in the Research and development in technology, new nano tech and biotech. We do think that healthcare as an ecosystem that will benefit not many enterprises and many intuitional investors but also many start up companies that are innovative, imaginative and driven. However is important to view the Healthcare in a more rational manner instead of the heat of the moment.


Whats the current stage of ZirconMed

ZirconMed is currently expanding, not only our client basis but we are also looking to expand into different locations, next step we are looking to establish offices in London and a few locations in China. We view China as strategically important for ZirconMed as we see the potential of Chinese healthcare growth, however as our background are tie with China I would like to contribute to our home country. Particularly in Hainan Island where I am from, I see that China has set Hainan Island as a free trade zone, I aim to bring the talent and foreign expertise to Hainan should the opportunities arisen. We want to co-invest with our sister company Zircon Investment and participate in the global community we serve, we are connected by purpose to our clients, their patients, and our neighborhoods. In fact, our teammates participate enthusiastically as active members of our larger, global communities by raising funds, donating time, and supporting a variety of community service organizations.

Whats the next step for ZirconMed

The next phase of ZirconMed is to look into a R&D in terms of testing and the section of Biotech. We are always looking at different project to get involve, to participate in different level as much as we can. We understand that one of the difficulties today for R&D is the patent which is what many companies guard to protect, we would also like to provide a patent solutions or patent investing for the healthcare professionals so that they can focus on their project and make the world a better place, make their research better. 

ZirconMed aim to provide innovative solutions that can benefit not only our clients but also our society in the coming 10 years.  Our target is that when people see ZirconMed, they will recognize we are a company of quality and their trusted partner.